Delivery options and Returns


§ 5 Delivery options

When the product arrive to the cargo hub or airport nearest to the delivery address, the customer will be contacted by the shipping company to agree, when the customer is home for delivery of the product.

The customer needs to make sure to pay the local taxes and/or import duties before delivery. These charges must be paid by the customer as the customer of the order. Webshop has no control over these charges and cannot be held responsible for any extra charges!

Any additional services required at delivery shall be individually arranged between you and the delivery company. 

The costs for any additional services is to be borne by you and agreed in advance between the costumer and the shipping company.

If you have any questions regarding delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact us: 

Customer may also collect the products ordered directly at Webshop. Webshop reserves its right in relation to sold-out and discontinued products.

Please contact our customer service for additional information:

Webshop will normally indicate a delivery time at our website below each product. Delivery times indicated are subject to change due to external circumstances beyond webshop’s control. In the event of changes or delays, the customer will be notified via e-mail or telephone.

Made by Bent shop shall be under no liability for any delay to deliver the products within the timescale agreed upon.

The customer shall inspect the delivered products immediately on curbside upon receipt. In the event of product damage or deficiencies the customer shall without delay contact webshop via

Any shipping damage must be informed and documented and written at the consignment note to justify the claim. At the same day as delivery to curbside, need to receive a photo of the consignment note with your damage description written on.

If the customer refuses to accept delivery, e.g. by failing to be physically present at the agreed upon time and date, webshop shall be entitled to claim compensation as set out in Made by Bent´s fee rates and the general rules according to German law.

All items purchased at webshop are insured during transport. The risk shall pass entirely to the customer at the moment the product/products is/are delivered to curbside or when receiving the product/products at the airport (pickup).

On delivery of the order, the customer shall sign a delivery form, freight-note etc. to approving goods/packaging bear/bears no visible sign of damages or other deficiencies.


§ 6 Customer’s responsibility

In addition to the customer’s payment obligation, the customer shall assume the following responsibilities:

Notification to webshop shall be informed of any defects or shortcomings of the products at the moment the customer discovers them.


§ 7 Repairing

Webshop shall be obliged to repair defective products, providing our inspection indicates that an original damage/defect exists, meaning that the product had already been damaged/defective before delivery to the customer took place.

All complaints must be filed within 2 years from delivery date or within the product’s warranty period in order to oblige Webshop to repair defective products. Complaints shall be filed within a reasonable period of time after the discovery of the damage. Complaints are considered timely if they are filed by the customer within a period of 14 days after discovery. Any shipping damage must be informed and documented at the consignment note to justify the claim. In the same day as delivery, need to receive a photo of the consignment note with your damage description written on.

Under no circumstances shall webshop be obliged to repair product damage caused by the customer as a result of careless treatment, improper/wrong assembly and installation, deliberate damage (vandalism), etc. Further, webshop shall not be liable for any damage or failure caused by nature beyond its reasonable control.

Webshop does at any time reserves the right to repair a damaged product before replacing it.

Webshop shall under no circumstances be liable for any consequential damages no matter - whether this damage results from dysfunction of products, accessories, etc., from inadequate/faulty mounting/assembly and so forth - whether the damage results in scratch marks in the flooring, wall damage, loss of earnings, etc.

Webshop’s liability for damage of the customer, relatives, property, business associates etc. is restricted to damage caused by gross negligence on behalf of Made by Bent, in addition to the responsibilities laid down in the common, mandatory liability rules. Webshop does not cover indirect losses and consequential damage.

In case of damage of a third party, the customer shall immediately inform webshop and contribute to clarify the cause of damage. Webshop shall have the right to inspect the damage.


§ 8 Returns

The deadline for returning products is 30 calendar days, counting from the day of delivery.

If the customer wishes to return any products, the customer is obliged to inform webshop in writing to within 14 calendar days after delivery. 

The product are to be returned to Webshop no later than 30 calendar days after delivery to the customer.

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The customer is responsible for return shipment costs and delivery risk.

Webshop does not cover return-shipping costs. 

Products that are returned using freight collect are not being accepted. To maintain a 100% refund of the purchase price, the products have to be returned in original packaging and in same condition and quantity as received. 

Used products or products that are no longer in their original packaging will be reduced in price!

What percentage of the amount that will be returned, is determined on the basis of a specific assessment for the sales price of a comparable used product. Determining of the price reduction can be informed in advance by sending documentation of the used products, such as pictures including text description.

Webshop will return the full or reduced amount of the product (according to above) no later then 14 calendar days after receiving a documentation to in form of a freightnote etc. that the product is returned to webshop.

If you have any questions regarding returns, please don’t hesitate to contact us: