Lasse Bent Bøchmann Sundgaard, the founder and creative director of Made by Bent, is originally from the area around Copenhagen in Denmark. The idea of creating his own label became reality when he moved to Hamburg/Germany.

In 2015 he designed a pre model of the bike hanger ‘GREN’ as a birthday present. After playing with styles and forms, he realized that there was nothing similar on the market and Made by Bent was born! Made by Bent is not just a brand, Bent is Lasses second name and it also represents what he strive for in design – Simplicity, funktionality and quality.

Educated as a chef he spent most of his life working in kitchens around Copenhagen. While Lasse is still very much into food, he realized at some point that his greater passion lies elsewhere, where functionality and esthetics have the same importance as in the kitchen – simply beautiful and useful design.  

Wood is the main material used for Made by Bent products, because of its organic nature, which means no two pieces are the same. The unique character of the material coupled with a handmade approach is reflected in Made by Bents designs.